domingo, 22 de diciembre de 2019

False economy (or that AirBnB sucked)

Some days ago, five relatives booked an AirBnB in San Antonio, Texas. Nobody was expecting a fancy or luxurious mansion, but quite frankly what they found was ridiculous.

Advertised as an entire house, it was supposed to have the basic amenities, those that any traveler on a limited budget could expect. And what would you say is the main thing, that piece of furniture that any place must have in proper conditions, because it is the main reason why you book an AirBnB in the first place? Exactly: the bed itself!

Well… let us hear the sad story of the cracked bed, wich came up in the exact moment that one of the guests sat down on it and a very loud crack sound was produced in some hidden place inside the bed.

A noticeable section of the mattress was sunk. When they checked, they noticed that the wooden structure that supported the mattress had collapsed, and not for the first time, since there were many clues of previous and unsuccesful “reparations”.

If you think the situation was bearable (because of the fact that there were other beds available), you are wrong. The other bed was weirdly unleveled and also had its wooden structure visible damaged. It was still usable but certainly not very comfortable.

If having one and a half bed down in less than five minutes at the place was not enough, guess what about the sheets? There were only three sets of bedclothes instead of five. And yes: they had paid for that.

To make a long story short, many sections of the house were in poor conditions and the lack of maintenance was notorious. But the worst thing was that, when some of them searched for a decent hotel near the zone, they painly noticed that the pricing were almost the same.

Sad thing, false economy!

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